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    We help charities, organizations, and corporations host more successful, more entertaining, and more profitable events
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    Tournament Masters offers marketing & consulting services to help golf courses fill the tee sheet, increase brand awareness, and expand revenues and profits.
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    Our services and special programs are all focused on elevating the golfer experience and engagement with the tournament or with the golf club in general.


Drive For Show – Putt For Dough

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    Growing Golf Events: Not just anyone can put on a charity golf event and even fewer can put on a first-class event that raises a lot of money and that has golfers waiting to return year after year. There have been so many tales of disasters with non-profits trying to run events, only to discover that they went broke!

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    Driving Course Profits: There is no question that the golf industry is in a state of flux. If you read all the trades you hear that play is declining, memberships are drying up, and club after club is failing. So what are many clubs doing in response? They are making the same mistakes that lots of other industries have made.

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    TM Services: We are tournament planners. We are an ad agency. We are a PR company. We are a web company. We are a mobile company. We are an application development company. We are a training company. Put it all together and we are a full service – holistic MARKETING COMPANY dedicated to the golf industry.

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    Find a Tournament to Support or Play In.

    This portal is focused on helping you find golf tournaments. Whether you are looking for USGA sanctioned, Amateur, Junior, or really any type of golf tournament we have information for you! If you are a golf course, charity, chamber of commerce, or any other tournament provider our channel is a unique and cost-effective place to market your golf tournaments and advertise your spectacular golf related events FOR FREE. Contact us for more information. We’re glad you came to Tournament Masters now go tell your friends about us!


    Tournament Masters is determined to be the #1 golf industry resource raising revenue and generating awareness for nonprofits, golf courses, and other small businesses.

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