Course Marketing

Failing clubs cling to the notion that their course will stand out against 200 others in the Golfer’s Guide or that offering deep discounts is a viable strategy. Tournament Masters helps you re-take control with proven marketing tactics. To find out if our tools can help your efforts CALL FOR A FREE initial consultation – 770.314.2294 or use the contact page to send us an email.

Our consulting services aim to help your staff:

  • Fill Your Tee Sheet Consistently
  • Raise Your “Share of Voice” in the community
  • Improve Your Engagement with Your Customers
  • Drive Increased Revenues and Profits
  • With Integrated Solutions

Tournament Masters Consulting Includes:

  • Suite of Golf Specific Marketing Tools
    – Expert Social Media Campaigns Which Produce Results
    – Winning Sales Copy That Drives Revenue
    – Proven Promotions That Bring In Customers
    – Results Oriented Web Designs That Get Noticed
  • Customer Relationship Marketing Program
    – Learn More About Your Customers Preferences
    – Turn that Information Into Marketing Power
  • Application of State of the Art Software
    – Electronic Tee Sheets That Plot Promotions
    – Tee Time Distribution Systems Which Gain Customers
    – Mobile Applications (specific for your course) Which Enhance the Customer Experience

At Tournament Masters, Our Mission Is To . . .

“Provide golf courses with consulting services which create and manage marketing campaigns across multiple media platforms or channels.”

We commit to our clients that everything we do, every strategy, every tactic, is so that you can fill your tee sheet, increase the “share of voice” for your course in its trading area, deepen your customer engagement and relationships, and to increase your revenues and profits across several core business units.

We Offer the Chance For You To . . .

Outsource that which you do not do well including . . .

  • Social media
  • Websites
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Content creation
  • Sales training
  • Back sales systems
  • And integration
  • But make sure you partner with REAL experts, POS companies may offer websites but they are NOT marketing experts
  • Third party tee vendors may offer email marketing but they are NOT email marketing experts!
  • And just because someone on staff knows how to post on Facebook does not produce an integrated social media strategy
  • A “ONE STOP SHOP” For All Your Club’s Marketing Needs
  • Which Means You Can . . .

Work Smarter Not Harder

At Tournament Masters we are . . .

the authority on golf marketing!

At Tournament Masters we believe personal customer relationships drive success. Therefore, we will help you integrate your traditional and online marketing programs, build your customer database, and create targeted marketing campaigns that increase customer loyalty and frequency.