Prescriptions for What Ails Your Club Business:

Contrary to what we hear in the media, the golf industry is not on life support.  Have a number of clubs closed? Yes.  Are there fewer golf “addicts” than in the past?  Maybe.  We believe that what ails the golf industry is a general lack of engaging marketing activity.

Great creativity has always been the top prescription for good health at a business.  It is one of the keys to great marketing.  Now it is a tactic you cannot be without.

What we see as the ailments of most golf operations are:

  • Cookie cutter websites, emails and promotions that don’t connect
  • Traditional ads, boring direct mail and uninspiring sales letters get trashed.
  • Corporate speak Facebook pages, You Tube posts and Tweets are ignored.
  • Ads that look like everyone else’s don’t work
  • Membership offers that look like everyone else’s without differentiated advantages

You have to make your club stand out at every single marketing opportunity. If you can’t accomplish that on your own, then you need to call on us.

Here are just three examples of the “prescriptions” we offer to get your club back on the road to good health and profitability. 

Prescription One – Become a Social Media addict.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, et al) is very important for building your brand, top of the mind awareness and on- going customer dialogue. Everyone knows that right? But the thing is, the real benefit is completely missed.  It is the ability to target specific “types” of people with specific interests or affiliations that makes it so valuable.  The only thing better is that it is INCREDIBLY CHEAP! 

The ability to target specific people, with specific interests, age, sex and even income is unparalleled in marketing history.  Use these tools to:

  • Build an amazingly powerful and profitable email list in a matter of weeks.
  • Generate an astonishing number of membership leads.
  • Drive a huge number of people to your offers for just pennies!

Did you know that website traffic peaked in 2008 and has been on the decline ever since?  This is due to the embracement of social media.  Folks would rather tweet and “like” on Facebook than surf major websites.  The increase in services that deliver news in short snippets on phones further shows that heading to major websites will be less and less important in the future. 

The key to social media is simple: Inform Entertain, and above all, Interact.  Your goal is to converse with them and create community. Then and only then can you sell! Imagine increasing your fan base by 75% in one year – that becomes a massive competitive advantage.  We have done it time and time again.

If creating all that content sounds like a lot of work (it is), don’t worry we are here to help. can do all the work for you! Including the website, social content, landing pages, ads and flyers!

Prescription 2 – You Need a Great Website.

In too many instances the website has the look and feel of a highway billboard.  No interaction, no call to action, no ability to deliver material or collect information.  Often they are graphically gorgeous but operational failures. 

Here are just a few quick things to consider:

  • If you are using any kind of a “cookie cutter” template commonly used by many vendors in our business, you are off to a poor start. No brand differentiation, poor copy, no landing promos…
  • If you don’t have multiple means of collecting data (i.e. different promotions, downloads, and contests) and if you don’t change them every four to six weeks, you are missing the boat to the tune of several thousand players a year that will NOT be added to your database!
  • If you don’t have viral marketing tools, the ability to do your own bar coded coupons, group deals, sweepstakes and have a share feature for Facebook friend’s so your customers build your lists for you, you are losing thousands in potential business a month

We can evaluate your online marketing and social media with our in-depth best practice guide and tell you just how BAD your existing website is where it matters most. It’s ability or lack of ability to make you MONEY!

If you want the latest technology, backed by experienced service and social media content providers you should be using Werner Marketing. Our program can do the work for you. Including email campaigns, social content, landing pages, ads and other forms of viral marketing. It will return your investment twenty times over!

Prescription Three – Landing Pages Make Things Happen! 

Savvy web folks know this to be true, but most golf clubs have no clue of their existence.

The web is becoming more and more specialized, and despite what we said in Prescription One, there are many people who don’t want to click on a Facebook post or banner ad and then hunt through your website to get the information they need. Landing pages provide a “short cut” to the relevant information that folks seek. 

Landing pages are vertical websites that have a structured sales pitch for a single purpose, like collecting data, generating a lead or selling a specific offer. There is typically only one place to click and no menu so the visitor is focused only on whatever task you want him to accomplish.

The use of landing pages results in significantly higher sell through rates.  Therefore, every profit center at the club should have its own landing page.   We drive traffic to landing pages directly from email blasts, Google ads, and most effectively from highly targeted Facebook ads. The look and feel of the ad should closely match the landing page for optimum results.

We are masters at crafting engaging landing pages and campaigns that generate traffic and lead to increased profits.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Creativity always cuts through the clutter and gets your message noticed whatever the medium happens to be. No one in the golf business has the understanding of the industry from both sides of the counter. We have the creativity to make your marketing stand out from the crowd.

We are willing to stack up our websites, blogs and Facebook pages with others claiming to be golf “marketing experts.” And when you compare us with other it will become clear who really has the experience and creativity to take your operation to the next level.

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