Special Services

Golf Tournament Fun Fundraisers!

Our “on-course” contests and attractions add fun and increase profits! Here are just a few that are consistent “best sellers.” For more information and more ideas give us a call – 770.314.2294. Like all our initial consultations THE FIRST CALL IS FREE!

Bundling Is Better! More Profitable Too!

SuperTicket eliminates the “nickel & diming” that golfers hate by bundling one big “all inclusive” package of contests sold at check-in where you can easily manage the cash or credit cards. No on course sales required.

Your tournament can offer things like:

  • $2000 cash prize on all Par 3s for a Hole-In-One including signage
  • $5000 cash prize on a putting contest
  • 4 day/3 night vacation getaway prizes

And much more!

The SuperTicket investment is $500 but all tickets above that are sold “on consignment.” So if you have 72 golfers buy tickets at $40 a piece ($2880 gross) your ‘net’ will be $2380. Suggest we sell a sponsorship for $750 making your gain over $3000!

Cars, Clubs, & Cash!

Provide that extra “zing” with high value Hole-in-One contests.
We can creatively package a series of Hole-in-One contests and Closest-to-the-Pin contests with exciting prizes or “prize experiences.” Using our special pricing advantages we can make your event stand out from the mundane golf tournaments put on by others.

Hole-In-One packages can include:

  • New SUV
  • White Water Rafting Trip
  • $10,000 cash prize
  • Full Set of Ping Golf Clubs
  • $1000 “staycation” at a local attraction

Adding other BIG contest prizes would be additional, however the impact and promotional value of the addition is invaluable.

Raise a lot more money with a lot less effort!

Automate your auction and deliver it on a mobile platform.

  • Donors can bid from anywhere: around the course, in the clubhouse, from their offices, in their living rooms, or across the country.
  • Let VIPs get a head start on the rest of the pack by opening their bidding days ahead of the actual auction.
  • Don’t let the size of the field or the room hold back your auction profits. We can handle up to 500 auction items and 2500 active participants.
  • Double your profits – sell an auction sponsorship and embed their logo in the auction bidding.
  • Avoid long lines at closing with our automated invoicing and payment options.
  • Record all the transactions from one year to the next.

Tournament Masters Series of Putting (TMSOP)

As golfers, we may not all be able to hit 300 yard drives or hit island greens with precision, but we all can putt.

TMSOP is out to entertain, challenge and thrill people with the simplest and most important golf element – Putting.

To achieve such, TMSOP can offer your event one in a series of putting tournaments with thousands of dollars in prize money.

Your golfers get to test their skills – and nerves, as they compete for a big money prize! Naturally it is “pay to play” so in addition to being an overall draw for golfers it is a high quality fundraiser for your group.

Golf Tournament Apparel Services

You only get one chance at a “first impression” and the quality of your tee gifts represents it.

Every sponsor and their golfing guests enjoy and expect quality Golfer Tee Gifts. It adds a sense of class to the event. We offer high value awards, prizes, and gift items that your players will wear and display with pride. You can offer sponsor branding on the apparel or gift items to increase awareness and control costs. We do it all the time! Let us design your tee gift first impression package.